Product details

The new compact B200 Basic electric actuator uses a set of internal cams which strike micro-switches to control the open and closed positions, and another set to provide end of travel position confirmation. Available as on/off / open/close quarter-turn electric actuator, this actuator has a torque output of 200Nm run torque. ISO 5211 with F07/10 x 22mm. Select from the tabs below for product information. Available in 24VAC/DC or 95-265VAC. LED Status to light to show Open, Close and ALERT such as over torque/Valve Jam. Declutchable gearbox selector button. Stunning PC+PET IP67 housing with external wiring box accessible via conduit entry. 

Product options

Standard Open/Close, power to open, power to close. Stays put on loss of power.

Fail closed on loss of power. Internal super capacitor is charged whilst power is applied, when removed, the capacitor will close the actuator. Fail open also available

All our actuators have open and close feedback. If using a Basic actuator this is via mechanical switches. If using our Smart series, this is achieved via electronic relays. Note that our Modulating actuators do not have end of travel feedback, they have a modulating output for example, 4-20ma input + output.

All actuators have manual override as standard. Each actuator is supplied with an allen key to be used when power is NOT applied. You must disconnect power to use the mechanical manual override. For Smart series you also have Local Control manual override.

The AVA Product Range

With a choice of either an AVA basic providing simple on-off functionality, or an AVA smart actuator providing complex functions, offered in a truly compact housing, select your AVA electric actuator from the ranges below: