Product details

Select our Series 20 Smart actuators for On Off, Failsafe, Modulating, Hi Speed, Multi Turn, Modbus and more. Our Smart 20 has an OLED screen with onboard firmware. Via the SmartMenu it is possible to change parameters of the actuator functionality including speed, accuracy, working angle and more. The touch buttons allow local control as standard. The Smart series utilises a digital encoder and magnetic position sensing for high level of control, accuracy and customisation. LED status light includes Blue LED for when the actuator is an alarm condition. 

Product options

Standard Open/Close, power to open, power to close. Stays put on loss of power.

Fail closed on loss of power. Internal super capacitor is charged whilst power is applied, when removed, the capacitor will close the actuator. Fail open also available

Fast acting open and closing time available, as standard the run time is typically 50% less than the standard run time. For 10, 20 and 50Nm series, 1 second is available using 24VDC motor.

Modulating control via digital encoder and position sensor. High levels of accuracy available with programable feature such as deadzone. 4-20ma, 0-10V, 2-10V, 0-20mA.

Modulating control via 4-20ma, 0-10V or 2-10V with failsafe functionality for incase power is lost. Internal super capacitor can be used to fail closed, open or to a mid position.

Modulating control via 4-20ma, 0-10V or 2-10V with hi speed opening and closing. For example, the actuator can move from 4ma to 20ma in 1 second (series 10.20 and 50 only on DC motor).

Via our SmartMenu, the Timer series allows you to set a 24/7 timer schedule of up to 60 actuations (open/close movements) per day. Intelligent functionality without the need of a PLC.

Modbus RS485/RTU and CANBus as standard are avialable to connect the actuator to a BUS system. You are able to read the actuator position, any errors and more via the BUS communication protocol. We are also able to offer Modbus TCP/IP on request.

Other protocols to follow.

Multi Turn series is designed for non rising stem valves such as diaphragm valves, gate valves and knife gate valves. You are able to set via the SmartMenu the number of turns. See datasheet on our MT series for more information.

Configurable via the SmartMenu, you are able to set 3 position operation. For example, you can set open, close and a mid position. Or you could set 0-90-180 degree for a 3 way valve.

Via our SmartMenu, our smart actuators have local control as standard. A password protected menu allows the user to drive the actuator open or close via the push buttons located on the actuator screen. This is an electronic manual override when power is applied.

All our actuators have open and close feedback. If using a Basic actuator this is via mechanical switches. If using our Smart series, this is achieved via electronic relays. Note that our Modulating actuators do not have end of travel feedback, they have a modulating output for example, 4-20ma input + output.

All our Smart actuators have a SmartMenu with a password protected firmware onboard. Once the password is entered, you are able to change parameters such as speed, working angle, failsafe position, 3 position setup and much more.

All actuators have manual override as standard. Each actuator is supplied with an allen key to be used when power is NOT applied. You must disconnect power to use the mechanical manual override. For Smart series you also have Local Control manual override.

The AVA Product Range

With a choice of either an AVA basic providing simple on-off functionality, or an AVA smart actuator providing complex functions, offered in a truly compact housing, select your AVA electric actuator from the ranges below: